Friday, August 28, 2009

Beginning Whole Foods

Eating whole foods is an obvious choice for adults, and you would think it would be an obvious choice for our children, too. After all, the ONE thing that ALL extremely healthy diets have in common is they are minimally processed and low in sugars.

So that all sounds amazing, but how do I feed my infant "whole foods", you may ask. Well, it all starts with conception, or even before. Feeding yourself healthy, natural (and in most cases raw) foods during this time gives your body and your baby the right building blocks to grow. It will help set your child up for healthy organ and brain developement, and it will help you gain the apropriate amount of weight. If you start before conception, a die like this will even help you to flush the toxins out of your body prior to you hosting a new person. If you are not vegetarian, or if you are, but only for health reasons, it is good to know that healthy animals who are grassfed and not injected with hormones are incredably healthy for you. Other than that, eat a strong variety of many whole foods, and eat as many raw or in their natural state as possible.

After your baby is born, you can easily continue feeding them an amazing whole foods diet....through your breastmilk. Espessially if your are eating a diet high in good, healthy food, your baby will benefit greatly. But even if you're not eating all that well, it's still the best way to get your newborn off to a great start.

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