Monday, August 17, 2009


Breastfeeding is the first step in natural parenting. It is the most obvious way to provide your child with the best in his/her early life. It was an easy choice for me, but it is harder for others. Some women feel oddly nursing their child, esspessially if they have a little boy. They may see this as sexual and feel very uncomfortable. Some women have family that is unsupportive and may even be disgusted by her "diplay". Some husbands feel this way. Other women may have never seen anyone nurse a baby, and they may even feel that formula is as good, or better. Whatever the reason, a baby and it's mother still deserve to feel the bond and reap the benefits of a breastfeeding relasionship.

The starting point is obvious: inform yourself. Find women who do nurse and ask them why? Use the internet and find good attatchment parenting books to read. Join your local La Leche Legue. Start or join another groups for new moms. You can do it.

Of people who breastfeed, mothers and babies will both have a lower risk of cancers, increasing with the amount of time spent on the breast. Mothers have less chance of postpartum depression, and babies grow better. Not too big, not too thin. Babies who are breastfed have smoother skin, and healthier eyes. They have less chance of baby bottle mouth than bottlefed babies, and are just healthier in general.

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