Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Personal Story with Vaccinations

I was fully vaccinated as a child. I remember hating it, dreading the doctor, as I had (and still have) a phobia of needles. I would hyper-ventilated and cry as the doctor injected me, and my mom would calmly sit down beside me and look embarrassed. Maybe that's where my journey with vaccines began, scared in the doctor's office, waiting for a needle bearing what was supposed to protect me.

I grew relatively quickly, and soon I was bearing my own daughter. I was a teenager, young and uninformed. I knew I didn't want drugs to assist in the birth, but I didn't really have a reason, other than that was the way it was meant to be done. When Rebecca was born, I was so happy. I wanted to be the best mommy I could be to her, but all I knew was that I would breastfeed. My parenting skills were in the infancy stages, just like my newborn daughter.

She received all the recommended vaccinations. She began displaying signs of autism, she wouldn't look me in the eyes, she was overly sensitive to light, touch, and noise. I couldn't give her a massage, and she slept naked from sheer necessity. She developed violent colic and was a nuisance to everyone but me, I loved her and knew she wasn't doing this on purpose. She was just a little person with great big needs. Little did I know that her shots may have contributed to her illness...

Fast forward two years, and my son is born, not in a hospital like his sister, but in a birthing center. Born into water, never leaving his father or me, his birth is a gentle one. This time, labor was easier, but I was more prepared. I had read, I knew what I wanted. I got it.

My midwife asked the question, "are you planning on vaccinating?" I was floored, was it an OPTION? Yes, she assured me, it was. And it was something that I should think about. Some vaccines, it seemed, were more dangerous than the illnesses they caused. Some contain Mercury. None were necessary. I convinced Caelin's dad to agree to wait until he was a year to give him shots.

Caelin was healthy and strong and grew at an astronomical rate. He was untouched, breastfed. No colic plagued him, and he was easy going and calm. Even my crazy schedule couldn't push him over the edge. But I never really researched WHY I didn't want him to have shots. It just felt right to me. That was a huge mistake.
When Caelin was nine months old he saw a new pediatrician. She was very blunt and matter-of-fact. She thought I was silly for not shooting him up, and when she asked why, I had no definate answer. She bullied me into giving Caelin some vaccines for the first time in his life.

He became sick for the first time within days of gettin the shots, he stayed sick for over two months. He came down with a double ear infection, and stopped growing. None of these things can be proven to have been caused by the shots I let them put in my son, while the nurses held him down, both of us crying. He has not recieved one shot since, and I have learned and armed myself against any attacts against my choie to protect my son against what I see as a very real threat to my child's health.

Be proactive. Know the law, know your rights, and be an informed parent to your children.

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