Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sacred Conception

Conception is an amazing thing. You take two people, totally different beings, and you mix their DNA, and a new person is created. A person who is totally separate and unique, and yet is a part of both their mother and their father. So is it any surprise that many people view conception as sacred?

Many people want children-lots of children. Some of them are what's known as "quiverful". A good example of this is Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. In their forties, they have discovered they are expecting their nineteenth baby. Their most recent daughter is eight months old, and their oldest, a boy, is expecting a little girl in December. This is quite the accomplishment, but they are not alone in the world. They firmly believe that each child is a gift from God, and that if they were to use birth control they might be preventing a child from being born that God had willed into existence, or even killing a baby that the Lord had caused to be conceived. I am in this camp, and struggle with unexplained miscarraiges. This hurts me, as I am acutely aware that each pregnancy loss is more, the loss of a person, a baby.

Some people believe that because a child is so precious, each one should be planned and cherished, not concieved on accident. I have always liked this idea, but think that it is not as true in some ways.

Some people don't believe a pregnancy is sacred, or even human, prefering to think that pregnancies can be ended, and no one would be affected, or at least not for the worse. I couldn't disagree more.

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