Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why Not to Cut Your Baby's Penis.

People are faced with the circumcision decision everytime it is announced that they are having a little boy. They may be pressured by family, freinds, doctors, or what they percieve to be "normal". The father may be cut himself, and want his son to look like him. Why would you choose not to circumsize?

1: A cut penis is less sensitive.

2: A baby who is circumsized is more likely to have sexual issues growing up.

3: Children who are abused have a different brain chemistry, and circumstized males are likely to suffer some of the same effects.

4: An intact penis is easier to care for in infancy. No need to worry about cleaning the penis except for general wiping. The forskin protects the head of the glans from feces and irritation.

5: Most babies aren't medicated for pain during the procedure, and there's debate about whether the pain meds hurt as much going in and how effective they are.

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