Monday, December 14, 2009

My First Prenatal Appointment

Our unborn baby is 17 weeks along...we are almost at the half way mark! I am going to have this baby at Bella Vie, just like my son, but strangely, I am almost sad. I think the next one will be born at home.

The baby's name will be Temperance if it's a girl, and I think I like Elizabeth for a middle name (after my Gramma). Temperance Elizabeth. If it's a boy, his name will be Tristan Rain. Named after this awsome guy I met on the greyhound bus. Scott's family wants me to put Chambers in there somewhere, but I just really don't like the name, at least not with any names I have picked out. I want it to be a girl. We aren't getting an ultrasound, because we can't afford one, but also because there is rewslly no reason to have one. I am sure of the age of the baby, and certain that I wouldn't want to know about any deformities beforehand. I would never have an abortion and would rather deal with any surprises under the infuence of love hormones.

I owe so much money to the birthing center. Caelin's birth was totally worth it, but MAN! We will have to pay $450 every month just to whittle the balance down 75%. We have to do it in order to birth at the center. I have been told "just go to the hospital" but really, this birth has nothing to do with the price. I would owe the money either way.

And this coming baby will be paid for by OHP.


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