Friday, January 29, 2010

Cooking with Toddlers

I love my son. Actually, I adore him. He is so cute, trying to help out, acting out, and just doing all the little things toddlers do. I like playing with him, and I like to snuggle with him. But let's face it, toddlers need a whole lot of time that can be really hard to give. When he tries to help me sweep, he really gets in the way. So he helps me dust, and he sweeps on his own time. Lately, he has been wanting to help me cook.

How do I faucilitate this new learning he is wanting to do?
Some things that he could learn to do at this age are:

Spread peanut butter on bread
Cut banana slices with butter knife
Wash and scrub fruits and vegetables
Wipe off the counter top

Rip lettuce

Shake plastic bags of different ingredients

Pour ingredients from premeasured cups

Stir or mix ingredients

Cut cookies from dough

Whisk ingredients

Frost cupcakes

Crush crackers and cookies to make crumbs

Dip foods that require dipping

Place cookies and other food on baking sheets or trays

Shape meatballs

Peel bananas

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