Sunday, February 14, 2010

Newborn Essentials

As I am getting ready for my baby to arrive, I am faced with the dilemma of what to buy in prepration of the baby's birth. Here are a list of things I REALLY used with my last baby.

#1 Onsies or Kimono style teeshirts
#2 Recieving Blankets (my daughter hated these, my son loved them)
#3 Sling of some sort (not the ones you buy with all the little buckles, the straps are too narrow to be comfy)
#4 Diapers (I like cloth)
#5 Socks
#6 Nighties with open bottoms

That's pretty much it. Of course, you'll also want a carseat if your baby is going into the car. And maybe a few pairs of pants, if you have to strap the baby into anything. I always just used a purse or backpack to throw a few diapers into it.

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