Friday, January 1, 2010

Washing Machine!

OKay, so I have lived the last year of my life with no acces to a washing machine, and have made the best of it, and even said I prefered it that way.....

But I lied. I just bought a washer and dryer for $125 off of Craigslist, and I am estatic. I have washed three loads, and it is simply amazing how I can stumble out of bed and five minutes later, I am doing laundry. No half an hour getting to the laundrymat...after waiting all month to have money....only to sit, bored and cold, for three hours waiting for my clothes to finally finish. No more gathering up the most essential items and scrubbing them for hours, trying to get the grime out, before having to find someplace to hang them dry.

No. I stumble out of bed, switch the laundry from one machine to the other, and start a new load, and it might TOPS take five minutes. Maybe. I love it.

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