Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Never Ending Story....

At least for me. Does it ever seem like we mothers of toddlers go in circles each day, ending further behind at the end of the day than we started?
I know I feel like that.

Today half of the afternoon was spent trying to convince my son that he was, in fact, tired. The other half was spent picking up the daily messes, trying to do laundry and dishes, with each attempt being thwarted by the ever increasing piles of laundry and dishes! My son dumped/crumbled food all over my living room, while simutaneously scattering my WORK PAPERS all over the fishstick-encrusted floor. Ugh!

While I was doing the dishes he thought it would be fun to clean the INSIDE of the fishtank...with the sponge used (with chemicals, no less) on the floor. Then he climbed up the cat tree and pulled it down on himself. Now he's insisting (for the third time in 15 minutes) that he is hungry, so hungry.

My kitchen counter is covered in dirty dishes (again?!), my living room is thrashed (still?!) and I am ready to lock myself in the bathroom to clean the toilets that no one else ever seems to get to, just for some peace and quiet. Oh yeah, except my husband and brother are still out working and won't be back until.....time undetirmined.  Yippee frickin do.

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