Saturday, March 20, 2010

31 Weeks Pregnant! Already!

So I was thinking about it, and I'm really about to pop! I only have about two more months to go before I have a new baby, and the way this pregnancy has been flying by, It really wouldn't surprize me if I woke up tomorrow and gave birth! Lol. It's crazy to think that so soon our lives will be so drastically altered...I mean, there are times even now that I forget I am pregnant. I really feel good this time around, and although I have gained a ton of weight (for me) the fact that I am pregnant doesn't slow me down as much as I would think that it might. Of course, I still have two more months of growing this baby to go, so I may change my mind in the future. Oh, and I have decided for certain that I am only having one, not twins. By this stage I feel pretty confident that I would have noticed for sure if there were more in there. Bummer, but oh well. Still, I would love to be blessed with two.

And I know the minute my pretty baby is born, I'll be happy it was only one, and not two.

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