Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am an insane woman caught in a vortex of cleaning and scrubbing, throwing out and renewing. My whole house is trashed, as I frenzy about my "cleaning" business. Is it nesting? Possibly, as I am a good four (five?) days overdue. The baby is bound to come soon, let's just hope that it isn't while my house is looking like the victim of a wild tornado!

My living room carpet has been shampooed, everything in the room dusted. The bedroom is being gone through, and much of our stuff is landing in the garbage ( husband doesn't know that part). He's just happy I have energy to clean.

But wait...what kind of energy is this?! I took an hour nap today, but besides that, I haven't slept since the night before last. My house should be spotless by now, but the details take so long to do unborn's clothes must be rewashed, because I wouldn't want (her) to breathe in any dust! My bathroom and tub must be bleached, since I wouldn't want (her) exposed to germs! My carpet, (she) will someday crawl on it! Banish the shoes!!! Banish the garbage!!! Banish the coats that clutter the closets!!! Bag up the clothes! Separate the books! Purge and disinfect the toys! Organize the drawers! Work, work, work!!! Clean, clean, clean!!!

Think I might, possibly, be nesting? Me neither.

John 10:30 "I and my Father are one."

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