Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Skills To Have In Case SHTF

This is a list of skills I feel would be good to know in case of a widespread emergency. It is, of course, not all-inclusive, and some of them are probably less than nessassary.

Hand Sewing. This would be a good skill to have for a variety of reasons. Now, it wouldnt be something you'd HAVE to learn beforehand, as you could figure it out, but if you already know it, it is a marketable skill, and one that will serve you well in many senarios.

Making Fire. From scratch. This one is obvious, I think. Eventually our lighter will run out. Matches are limited, and can get wet. Fire is something that would be a very important thing to have.

Banking a Fire. On the same lines as before, it could be very important to already know how to bank a fire for transport and/or night/day time. You wouldn't want to have to build a fire EVERY time you needed one.

Basic Woodworking. As in, hand saws, building with a hammer and nails, that sort of thing.

Hunting/Trapping/Fishing. And how to improvise in case your gun breaks, fishing pole gets stolen, or store bought traps "disappear".

Foraging. Because when the shit hits the fan, we're not going to be heading to the store for salad and green beans.

Natural Animal Husbandry and Care. I am experimenting with this currently with my rabbits. They eat a natural gathered diet (with the exception of some grains) and are a source of freeish food. As in, they replicate themselves pretty consistantly. Another problem is their transport, but you know, cross that bridge later.

Building with Local Materials/Garbage. Important because people (including me) will still need shelter, but all of our "ready made" homes will be at a stall, and possibly unlivable. Of course, we could salvage almost anything to build with, so there.

Purifying Water. This should have been at the top. You die without water, period. And if you drink contaminated water, you also die. Period.

John 10:30 "I and my Father are one."

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