Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Labor

I have to say, today when I woke up I knew for a fact I was in labor. It wasn't super painful, and I was real relaxed (I still haven't told anyone I KNOW) but it was very obvious. I keep getting scared Scott will realize what's going on and call the hospital...

So I am sending him away for a visit to his mom's. When the labor is emminant, I will call him and let i=him know, so he doesn't have to worry about us. Meanwhile, I am getting the house cleaned up and doing some makeup, maybe. But definately cleaning house. I would hate to have a baby and come home to a filthy home. I am going to cook some soup, too, to eat during my labor.

My brother should be here tonight, and my mom will be here early tomorrow morning. what crazy timing! Oh, crap, I just realized, I don't know what we're naming the baby for a middle name!

I know. If it's a girl I will give her Temperance Cathleen Smith, and for a boy he'd be Tristan Alan Smith.
If a girl, she gets my and my mom's middle, if a boy he gets Scott's and his dad's middle. There. Decision made. :)

John 10:30 "I and my Father are one."

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