Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rabbit Feeding

I have gotten my new buns into an eating form that I like, and I am in the process of refining, through research and reading others' experiences, a form of rabbit nutrition that will work out great for me. They are on an almost completely weed-created diet, rich in blackberry leaves, some rose cuttings, LOADS of good grass, and common english plantain. They love clover, and dandelions, and prickly lettuce, and I feed them a bit of grain and molassas each day. I need to get a mineral salt block for them, but for now, I think the molassas is okay. I also am feeding a SMALL portion of pellets to my doe and her kit, partly because they both need a higher protien diet, and partly because they are brand new and I want to make sure they are transitioning well.

So far we have had no poopy butt problems, and all the bunnies are doing well. They eat a TON a day, and it is simply amazing how much they poop.

They also get little treats, like apple, strawberry, and the occassional carrot. It is very exciting to learn how to feed an animal on a completely natural diet, and I love that with rabbits, it's all plant based. I try to feed Wallace, my cat, naturally as possible, but to be honest, it's a pain dealing with all that meat, and he is smelly because of it. The rabbits are just way more rewarding, and in three to four months, I'll be eating bunnies. Can't eat cats. I even heard it was illegal to eat cats, although I could be wrong.


John 10:30 "I and my Father are one."

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